The National CLT Network Responds to the Government's Social Housing Green Paper, A new deal for social housing

Monday 29 October 2018

  • In August 2018, the Government launched their social housing Green Paper, A new deal for social housing and opened it up for consultation.

  • The paper looked to address a number of areas including, ensuring that homes are safe and are of high quality, quick and effective resolutions of disputes and amplifying the voices and empowering tenants.

  • The National CLT Network ensures to highlight the role of Community Land Trusts and Community led Housing plays in fundamentally tackling some of these issue areas.

  • The National CLT Network is calling for the Community Housing Fund to be extending. Click here to find our campaign page where you will find more information.

Tom Chance, Director of the National CLT Network said:

"Lots of Community Land Trusts are started by people who see the need for social housing in their community and want to take the lead in providing it. Their local leadership helps overcome the stigma associated with social housing, brings forward additional housing supply, and can improve the quality of the homes and their management. CLTs also do much more than give residents a voice, they give them real control and agency. I'm pleased the Government has recognised the growing role of community led housing in the social housing sector.

"Our big message to Government is that CLTs need longer term funding, just the same as housing associations. If the Community Housing Fund is extended past 2020 we will see local communities building upwards of 5,810 homes in the coming years.

"A small number of CLTs have become Registered Providers, and we want a proportionate process for others to follow in their footsteps. We have also set out ways in which regulations and policies such as rents and the Right to Buy can hinder and undermine community led housing, and call on the Government to give our sector more certainty, now and in the future."


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