Our See it and Believe it with Cornwall CLT was a success!

Wednesday 24 October 2018

We ran a successful See it and Believe it with Cornwall CLT, one of the biggest in the country. Alongside insightful presentations and workshops we also got a tour of their 18 home Duloe site still under construction.

Our See it and Believe events provide a great opportunity for those in the community led housing sector to learn from each other, see a finished development and hear from experts in the field. 

About Cornwall CLT

Cornwall Community Land Trust Limited (Cornwall CLT) was established in April 2006 and is one of the most progressive and successful community land trusts in England, delivering or enabling over 200 affordable homes, and has ambitious growth plans.

About the day

The day started with a quick presentation from our Head of Programmes and Development, Samantha Jones, who contextualised Cornwall CLT within the national movement.

This was followed by Cornwall CLT Director, Andrew George who welcomed us and introduced us to their Duloe Site.  We got a tour of their Duloe site, which is one of many sites developed by Cornwall CLT and is still under development and will see 18 new homes brought to the area.

After lunch we went into the second half of the day with presentations from Andrew George, Samantha Jones and London CLTs Campaigns Manager, Lianna. Lianna’s presentation took us through London CLTs community organising model to build power in order to leverage a productive relationship with local authorities.

We then transitioned into the peer-to-peer workshops. We had one on community organising and the other on building a financially viable CLT. The nature of CLTs means that the people involved become experts in their own right and so this segment of the day is a fantastic opportunity for the attendees to build relationships and learn from each other.

Samantha Jones had this to say on the day:

"It was great to hold the See It Believe It event in Cornwall as Cornwall CLT is a pioneer of the community land trust movement in this country, and this is demonstrated by the impressive number of schemes they have delivered over the last decade. Their tour of a small development in the village of Duloe demonstrated that building affordable housing should not mean compromising on the design and quality, and that communities can drive the building of homes that they want as well as need. It was also great to meet so many people who are already involved in running a CLT and were willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Such a positive and supportive bunch!"


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