CLT launches Loan Offer to fund land purchase for 34 new affordable homes

Monday 08 January 2018

Artist impression of Bridport Cohousing

Bridport Cohousing CLT are on the lookout for investors, who can support them on their mission to create the largest cohousing neighbourhood of affordable and sustainable homes in the UK!

They have found the perfect spot, they are supported by the community and have the backing of the local council. They even have planning permission.

Now they need to buy the land. Cue the launch of an exciting Loan Offer.

If you are able to invest £1,000 or more, you would be helping to fund the delivery of 34 affordable homes. These will include one-bed flats and a range of family homes. Half of which would be available for rent through a housing association and the other half to buy leasehold at 80% of the open market value.

This is an ethical investment with returns of 3%.

For more information on this Loan Offer and plans for the site take a look at the prospectus here.

They are looking to raise £250,000 by the end of January 2018 (more than £100,000 has been offered since Christmas). Any offers will need to be made via the Return Form that is included at the end of the prospectus. Please note that offers will need to be made by Friday 12 January.

If you have any questions please contact Monica King, Director at Bridport Cohousing CLT on

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