CLTs go prime time

Wednesday 12 July 2017

At around 9.45pm on Tuesday 11 July our website crashed. This was due to thousands of people searching Google to find out what on earth community land trusts are.

Why? Because community-led housing had just been hailed as a major solution to the housing crisis on prime-time Channel 4.




'Find Me a Home' focused on the UK housing sector and the struggles that everyday people are facing. During the programme Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location fame met with two families struggling to make ends meet and on the verge of homelessness. Audiences saw some of the appalling living conditions that families are being subjected to and how the private-rented is an impenetrable market for many, even for those that are working.

Things can not continue in this way and Spencer spoke of how shocked he was. He introduced audiences to two community-led housing models, community land trusts (CLTs) and Cohousing developments, lesser-known models that have the potential to change the face of UK housing.

On a visit to London CLT, Corvel and Meyrem, a Southwark couple at their wit's-end with their cockroach-infested flat, were amazed at the high-quality conditions available through CLTs. They were also positive about the concept of rent being genuinely affordable and linked to their earnings. A far cry from the £900 a month that they were paying. 

"It's schemes like this [London CLT] that give some kind of hope." Phil Spencer.

It's been a good week for community-led housing in terms of national televison coverage. On Monday 10 July, Homebaked was reported on for the BBC's One Show.

What is a CLT?


For more information on CLTs click here.

There is money available for you to explore the CLT concept in your area!

Community land trusts are a real solution for communities wanting to take housing matters in to their own hands. There is money available to get advice and start setting up your own group. For more information on our Start Up Fund click here.

To view the full episode of Find Me a Home click here.


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