Double-whammy prize-giving at affordable housing conference

Thursday 12 October 2017


Two key members of the National CLT Network have had their work recognised at a major affordable housing conference in the United States.

Catherine Harrington, our Director, may still only be in her thirties, but was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her dedication and contribution to the Community Land Trust Movement.

The Swann Matthei Award is named after two individuals who helped to lay the foundation for the development of community land trusts in the United States: Bob Swann and Chuck Matthei.  

On winning the award, Catherine said: 

"To receive an award that is named after the two pioneers of the Community Land Trust movement is incredible – I am so grateful and honoured. To be honest, I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet"

Since starting the Network in 2010, Catherine has been instrumental in the growth and development of CLTs across England and Wales. The movement has grown six-fold, with 230 CLTs now in existance. This figure is expected to increase in the next coming years too, mainly due to the government funding that Catherine has helped to secure.

For more information on the Community Housing Fund, click here.

She continued: 

“CLTs have the potential to transform our housing market, and build the permanently affordable housing that so many communities desperately need. But it’s the volunteers setting up CLTs that really deserve this award - they're the ones who have built the movement to what it is today.

What we need now is the Government to honour its commitment to community-led housing by announcind the future of the Community Housing Fund”

Also recognised at the Intersections 2017 Conference, was National CLT Network Trustee, Stephen Hill. This was a surprise award, where Stephen was left momentarily speechless - which, if you know Stephen, is quite a feat!

He was awarded the John Davis Award for Scholarship, which recognises people who have contributed significantly to the Community Land Trust movement through research, teaching and mentorship.

Dave Smith, London CLT Trustee, said of Stephen: 

"Stephen is an inspiration to young practioners across the field - including myself and Catherine Harrington, and he has been a mentor to many others too."

Both Catherine and Stephen received certificates and special plaques. To celebrate Stephen's wisdom, a Harry Potter-esque hat was also brought out for the occasion... Find out why in the film clips below!

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